Friday, June 20, 2014

Much needed catch up

 Where do I begin ? I haven't done anything with this blog in almost two years, So tons to catch up on. But I don't want to jam full this first blog back. I hope I can keep up with this again and keep my Family and Friends close back home and of course anyone close to us that lives far away.

Little Miss Eira has grown up so much in the last year and a half. She is turning into such a character each and every day. She knows how to keep us on our feet... a little to well.
 As you can see here, she takes serious thought into her house wear, mixed P.J.'s, a swimming cap, Harry Potter broom and a cowboy hat for the face. It makes perfect sense 

She is always on the move and ready to jump in on the fun at any given moment. This kid has no fear and that kind of scares me and makes me laugh all at the same time.
Captain Eira in search for Dolphins
Plenty of Dolphins in these waters 

 Zeric and Eira getting ready for sunset. Zeric just Loves going out for the sunset, in fact Zeric loves almost anything that he can make into an adventure. Walking to our mailbox 50 feet away in an adventure... and he loves it.
 He took on the roll of big brother the moment Eira was born and he has kept that roll with a happy face. They may drive each other crazy a few times a day, but this kid has got his little sisters back. Always trying to teach her something new or tell her if something is good or bad... They have both made us pretty proud 

 James and I never get any time for the two of us, but we make the best of every moment... even if the kids are screaming in the background. It's a new type of love we are discovering... nothing but smiles

 I swear this kid grows each day, he will soon tower over me. He is one of the tallest kids in his class. He still loves going to school and can not wait to start big kid school in February next year. but for now he loves going to his preschool and at home if he's not playing with Eira or his toys, he's into the puzzle books. He loves mind teasers, mazes and now chess. He is obsessed with figuring out the game of chess. 
He enjoys all of those games on his own and loves to try and get us involved. He loves to talk baseball with Jameso and watches the Hockey with me... little Red Wings fan ( I'm so proud ) 
I can not wait to see where this kid goes in the future. 

 Took this for Lance, Aussie sunset with a little plane... right out in front of the cafe Lance and Heather ate at in the Hunter valley. 

 Yes these two are wonderful 

Eira figured it out early that she is in fact a huge Daddy's girl. Oh man this girl gets away with some much when she gives Dad a smile or the puppy face... hahaha she thinks she owns us.
 Best mates and best big brother, always taking care of her

I will try to keep this updated with news and to watch our munchkins grow. 

P.S. James got a camera for Xmas and has found his true love. He loves the challenge of learning about cameras and pictures. He gets up every morning before the sun rise and tries to get a shot of each sunrise and every so often sunset and lightning storms. The kids and I love the lightning storms because that usually means we are in the car for the adventure. Some times if we see the storm out to sea headed our way, we will get some snacks and drinks together and hop in the car and go. Other times we will grab pillows and blankets, pull up to the beach and watch nature take charge. I will have to add one of James pictures with each new blog. 


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