Friday, June 20, 2014

Much needed catch up

 Where do I begin ? I haven't done anything with this blog in almost two years, So tons to catch up on. But I don't want to jam full this first blog back. I hope I can keep up with this again and keep my Family and Friends close back home and of course anyone close to us that lives far away.

Little Miss Eira has grown up so much in the last year and a half. She is turning into such a character each and every day. She knows how to keep us on our feet... a little to well.
 As you can see here, she takes serious thought into her house wear, mixed P.J.'s, a swimming cap, Harry Potter broom and a cowboy hat for the face. It makes perfect sense 

She is always on the move and ready to jump in on the fun at any given moment. This kid has no fear and that kind of scares me and makes me laugh all at the same time.
Captain Eira in search for Dolphins
Plenty of Dolphins in these waters 

 Zeric and Eira getting ready for sunset. Zeric just Loves going out for the sunset, in fact Zeric loves almost anything that he can make into an adventure. Walking to our mailbox 50 feet away in an adventure... and he loves it.
 He took on the roll of big brother the moment Eira was born and he has kept that roll with a happy face. They may drive each other crazy a few times a day, but this kid has got his little sisters back. Always trying to teach her something new or tell her if something is good or bad... They have both made us pretty proud 

 James and I never get any time for the two of us, but we make the best of every moment... even if the kids are screaming in the background. It's a new type of love we are discovering... nothing but smiles

 I swear this kid grows each day, he will soon tower over me. He is one of the tallest kids in his class. He still loves going to school and can not wait to start big kid school in February next year. but for now he loves going to his preschool and at home if he's not playing with Eira or his toys, he's into the puzzle books. He loves mind teasers, mazes and now chess. He is obsessed with figuring out the game of chess. 
He enjoys all of those games on his own and loves to try and get us involved. He loves to talk baseball with Jameso and watches the Hockey with me... little Red Wings fan ( I'm so proud ) 
I can not wait to see where this kid goes in the future. 

 Took this for Lance, Aussie sunset with a little plane... right out in front of the cafe Lance and Heather ate at in the Hunter valley. 

 Yes these two are wonderful 

Eira figured it out early that she is in fact a huge Daddy's girl. Oh man this girl gets away with some much when she gives Dad a smile or the puppy face... hahaha she thinks she owns us.
 Best mates and best big brother, always taking care of her

I will try to keep this updated with news and to watch our munchkins grow. 

P.S. James got a camera for Xmas and has found his true love. He loves the challenge of learning about cameras and pictures. He gets up every morning before the sun rise and tries to get a shot of each sunrise and every so often sunset and lightning storms. The kids and I love the lightning storms because that usually means we are in the car for the adventure. Some times if we see the storm out to sea headed our way, we will get some snacks and drinks together and hop in the car and go. Other times we will grab pillows and blankets, pull up to the beach and watch nature take charge. I will have to add one of James pictures with each new blog. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

San Fran and south

We had about an hour and half in the car from Ukiah before we got to San Francisco... I kept talking about how beautiful the city was and how big the Golden Gate bridge is and how high and amazing this thing is. 5 miles before we got to the bridge we seem to have ran into some fog.. it just kept getting thicker and thicker. So James first time to see the bridge in person and he gets to see a few cables...
We crossed the bridge seeing only cables disappear into the sky. But about a mile off the bridge... it was sunny, bright and clear. It seemed only the bridge and surrounding towns were covered in the fog. But San Fran... So sunny.
Our goal was to make it to Pier 39 but drive around the city at the same time. So we started driving up these amazing streets... so steep. When we finally made it to the top I said " I think we are on Lombard St. ?" I remember James saying " do you think we should drive it ? " DUH !!! 

This street was packed with people walking up and down and taking pictures. only a few cars. So I had to take pictures as we drove down the twisty road.

James was like a boy who got a new xbox game. He was smiling so big as he had to spin the wheel every few seconds. Such a pretty street, But I could never live there with it being as popular as it is. It's worth the drive down at least once. You can't go to San Fran without at least one adventure down the curvy twisty Lombard Street.
We made it to Pier 39 and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Anyone who knows me, knows I love sea food and Forrest Gump. It's the best of both worlds. We got to watch huge boats float by and look at a few bridges connecting to San Fran. Eat amazing sea food and enjoy some Tom Hanks.

Dad and Eira waiting for some food and pointing out birds flying by the windows. She was so close to saying bird, just a " bbbbb" so cute.

I believe my dish was crab stuffed shrimp... it was amazing

James had a southern New Orleans shrimp dish... it too... amazing

Z man got some popcorn shrimp and they brought it to him in a Jenny fishing boat ! He loved it and he dug in like there was no tomorrow.
Because he was such a good boy we took him and Eira to the double decker carousel. Z man jumped on a dolphin and Dad got ready for a ride ! Z was so happy that Dad got to come on too.

It's not a party unless your whole family get to crash it !! Eira loved it. She was all about the ride, laughing and waving to everything 3 or 4 times. " HI HI HI "

Yes, San Fran is sunny and the Bridge... still under that thick layer of FOG. I think we will have to make our way back to San Fran for a few days at least, just to get a glimpse of this metal road.

Zoom 100%  and I can see the top !!
How could we not take the kids to see the sea lions. Zeric kept laughing at them because of the noises they kept making. Eira would just wave and say " HI"

James and a friend he grew up with in Newcastle, Tomo. Yes this was a random run in. What a small world. These Aussies are every where ;)

While James enjoyed the two story sports shop, Z man and I sat outside watching everyone and everything. My little mate

Z man droppin coin for the music makers.... again. By this time of the trip, every time he saw someone holding an instrument he asked me for money so he could drop it in the bucket or what ever they had in front of them. The kid enjoys music.
We had to call our day in San Fran a little short for we had to make our way to Santa Cruz for the night. So we drove on the outside of the city looking in. This place is one big piece of art, a huge puzzle full of characters and good sea food ;)

We drove by AT&T park and rolled the windows down and turned the music off in the car. We were in traffic so we got to listen to the huge roars from the crowd as the Giants took the game. It was their last home game before the play offs.  Made me so homesick to hear the noises come from that park.

Santa Cruz ! After about 4 hours of traffic and hot weather. We finally made it. Met up with our friend Chelle for some Local pizza... super yum. The best part about this trip is all the people we have been able to see. Such a stop and go trip, but at least we got see so many friends and family we haven't seen in so long.
So good to catch up with Chelle. The last time I saw her was when James and I were still dating. Such great people we have got to know in the past years. But as I said before, a stop and go trip, a hi and bye adventure. We must sleep and make our way south to Big bear. But first we must travel along the coast of Big Sur .
James and I thought it was pretty, mostly foggy and dark water. I think we enjoyed the Oregon Coast more then Big Sur. But it was still a beautiful drive.

We pulled over a heap to take pictures and look at all the coves. Soon they started turning into the same cove and we decided to cut across the middle of California to get down to Big Bear.

That last leg of the 4000 mile road trip and we need energy and motivation. Some Starbucks juice and we are charging this last few hours. James was such a champion..

At this point we are driving in the middle of the desert making our way to Bakersfield... not to stay, but to get some lunch. At this point all of us were going crazy in this nasty hot weather and no Air conditioning. I Turned some Zack Brown Band on when the tears started making their way to us. Here the kids are trying to be happy in a bad situation. 

Little Miss Eira is keeping the smile on, but she was struggling with that heat.
Just sing some Zack Brown Band and everything is good

What we saw for hours... it was a true hell. We stopped in Bakersfield to get some lunch and COLD COLD water for the kids. Crappy town, but the best IN-N-OUT yet. We just wanted to get to Big Bear so we could have a few days of doing nothing. SO we pushed forward through the heat and made it to Big Bear.

He slept like a log for hours ! this trip so far has taken it out of him. Now for some California fun !

Red Woods and Stuff

It was about 30 miles before we hit the boarder of California and James and I noticed the people becoming... Dumber. I know it sounds mean and harsh... but it's so true, even the area seemed to be not cared for. But we had to take a few wrong turns before we made it to the Red Woods.  We Drove as far as Crescent City California and looked and looked for a place to stay that didn't look like it was out of a Stephen King Movie. We found one that was only 3 months NEW ! But we stayed in and took off at first light.

We drove only a few minuets south of Crescent City and drove right into the Red Woods. It was Amazing only a few miles south was a different world. So Green

Stopping to stretch legs and enjoy the giant trees.

Driving in the few hours through the Red Woods we saw more weather changes then ever. One mile was thick thick fog and the next was sunshine and warm. But we loved both, made it feel like we were driving on different days.

We pulled over at one trail and decided to make a go for it. Put shoes on and an extra pair of cloths for the kids... for the random weather changes.

Loved seeing these amazing Trees, some millions of years old and some only a few years old.

One of the smaller trees on our walk...

Z man just loves running around in the Red Woods and along the trails. We would walk off the trails at some points and walk into logs or into old tree stumps that fit all o us perfectly.

I can't remember if this is the biggest tree in the world or the biggest tree in America. But either way... it was huge !!! as you can see us standing there at the bottom.

it looks big in the picture, but in person it makes you feel like you're on another planet.. Just amazing

Dad was such a Champ, held Eira the whole time while walking through the Red Woods. His back hurt after words, but it was so worth it.

We only did a small portion of the trail because we had no map, no food and no service.... oyes and two little ones. We kept our eyes pealed and our ears open. The deeper we got into the woods I started noticing all of the Berry bushes were empty... I kept thinking it's too early for that. Then when we saw a nice big fat paw print in the middle of the trail... we turned around and booked it back to the car. Later found out a few days later that all of the bear and elk were going into early winter mode.  Not saying there was a bear, but just to be on the safe side, we didn't want to stick around to find out. So we enjoyed every second of this amazing place.

Z man wanted a picture with one of the big trees. While I got Little miss Eira ready for a road trip, Dad and Z man went for a 10 minuet walk. Z man had such a great time having Dad everyday.

DVD player and Ipad make for an easy amazing and fun road trip... trust me.

Stopped in Arcata California and tried to meet up with my cousin Craig. So sad he wasn't even in town, but he pointed us in the right direction for food and coffee. Took this picture and sent it to him so he knew we were thinking about him while we enjoyed our hour in Arcata.

And we chug on ... Z catches a few Z's himself

Little Miss Eira the little champion road tripper ! She was just amazing and always so happy...

After the Red Woods we started keeping our eyes out for a nice place to stay. We found one town that was so cute and so welcoming. We stopped to get some Ice Cream and start looking for a hotel. James just had to ask the guy serving us if he would stay there or the next town down which is Ukiah. The man laughed at us and said he would for sure stay in Ukiah. So we jumped back on the road and drove south to the town of Ukiah. After looking for ever for a hotel we pulled into a Vons parking lot and jumped on the internet and found a hotel down the street. We got there and it was nice, but our next goal was food... We asked the guy at the front desk for a place he would recommend, He laughed and said this town sucks for anything....      Crap. So we jumped in the car and drove to a Denny's looking place, we were so hungry at this point, we gave in. Now to make an even longer story short.... Z man's face tells it all. If you ever drive by Ukiah... keep driving... just keep driving.

Happy to be leaving Ukiah. Happy to be on a road trip together, happy to be together.

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